Thu Doan

Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Thu, but I prefer to be called Soda. I have always been fascinated by how things around us were designed. Everything and everyone intrigues me. Coming to the United States at a young age gave me the advantage of learning how to absorb this multicultural melting pot and allow it to inspire my imagination. As a designer, I seek inspiration in anything that has been beautifully designed, and I'm interested in gaining as much design experience as possible.

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Screaming Carrots Brand

Standard Sizes

Screaming Carrots is a vegan Thai/Mediterranean restaurant. The logo playfully uses the C to create a screaming carrot visual with utensil leaves to convey dining. The color of the carrots inspires the color palette; the orange represents balance while the green represents nature and health. The modern and structured typography works well at all sizes.

The Lab App


The Lab is a tutorial app that gives users access to tutorials in one place. The app is designed for people interested in learning new art and design skills, from students to professional designers wanting to expand their skills. The app’s format of step-by-step instruction allows the users to learn at their own pace. The app’s visual style is fun, with playful illustrations that appeal to adults and target audiences of younger ages.

Medium Magazine

8.5 x 11 inches

Medium is a Miami-based music magazine that features artists from around the world and their latest music. The magazine’s cover has a masthead in bold font and visible on top of the page. The main article is placed on top of the image to grab the viewer’s attention. The magazine’s layout and style are minimalistic and simple with white borders, so the images pop out. The white space is necessary to keep the layout clean and organized; it is also considered a “breathing space” to help the viewers focus on the images first and then continue to read the articles.