Sydney Wiggins

Graphic Designer

I absolutely cannot wait to graduate with my BFA in Graphic Design this semester! These days, my favorite medium is collage. I love using this process to create unique and original imagery for my graphic design pieces. My love of books and film are the biggest influences on my work.

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100 Books to Read Before You Die Infographic Poster

68 x 33 inches

An infographic to visually represent data on 100 classic books. Each book is represented by several lines next to the title. These lines correspond to the key on the side of the graph, where colors are used to represent different categories. The categories represented are gender, whether the novel was banned or not, genre, page length, continent of origin, and time period. Each row of the infographic is grouped by category. For example, the inner row represents the gender of the authors. A serif font was chosen for the heading treatment because most books use serif body copy for legibility. Brown and a light tan color are the main colors to evoke a traditional feeling.

Requiem for a Dream Movie Poster

27 x 41 inches

This project is a redesign of the Requiem for a Dream movie poster. The film by Darren Aronofsky explores how addiction, mental illness, and drug use can distort one’s thought process. Throughout the film, Aronofsky provides several examples of this, with one of the most prevalent being how television changes one of the character’s perspectives. The poster is created with these themes in mind. TV static is used to connect back to a central plot line and distorted images of other characters reflect how our vices can distort our reality. The color choice and images are kept dark to mirror the intense and unsettling subject matter. In all, these elements work together to effectively communicate the themes of Requiem for a Dream.

Companion Animal Hospital Logo

5 x 5 inches

A redesigned logo for Companion Animal Hospital. Since the vet’s office is a small, local business, the goal was to be inviting, memorable, and friendly. Taking inspiration from “Companion” in the business’s name, the logo shows the playful friendship between a dog and a cat placed inside of a heart. The vector illustration of the dog and cat capture the personalities of the animals through their expressions. Blue is used to suggest the connection to the medical field.