Susana Garcia

Graphic Designer

It was through photography that I first learned about this beautiful career path that is Graphic Design, it brings together creativity and technology, two things that make me happy. Through my undergraduate studies at FAU I have become interested in human centered design and UX/UI, so you might find me designing prototypes for apps and websites in my free time. My next challenge is to bring those designs to life by learning how to code!

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Shomer Website


Shomer is a company dedicated to connecting people who need storage with those who have space to spare. The brand was redesigned as a team, however the website redesign is my individual effort. The website consists of a basic 12-column grid, with a lateral navigation bar, to stand apart from conventional websites with navigation on the top. The color palette is extracted from the branding guidelines, and used throughout the website. The vector illustrations are provided by the company.

Maddox Brothers Books Dust Jackets

6 x 8.5 x 1 in

The cover redesign of the Maddox Brothers series by Jamie McGuire is inspired by the prequel “Beautiful Disaster.” In the prequel series, the main element on the cover is a butterfly, which symbolizes the idea of beauty and represents the main character. Following this idea, each of the Maddox brother series books include a different color butterfly, referencing each of the girls who are the main characters of each of the books.

Bio Transformacion Holistica Branding and Applications

Size Varies

Bio Transformacion Holistica is a life coaching service to help those in need of a life transformation. The logo is developed as a person spreading their arms and turning into a butterfly to symbolize positive change. The color palette includes different shades of blue to represent tranquility, balance, and peace.