Richard Veitch

Graphic Designer

Since a young age I’ve always held a great interest in design. Deciding to make it a career was a decision that just felt right. It’s a field that allows your imagination to run wild and in the process, create the most unexpected things. Most times my inspiration stems from illustrations and fantasy. I like using these concepts to immerse the viewer in a story within my work. Right now, UX/UI has captivated my interest but there are so many paths to take! I am eager to continue learning and enhance my skills as a professional designer. 

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Dark Tales App


Dark Tales is an app that gives users the scare they are searching for by offering an array of scary stories. It takes fright to the next level by allowing you to listen rather than read! This is done by selecting one of the many distinct and horrific voices offered. The app also grants users the chance to give feedback on stories, rate, and even upload their own chilling work to share with others. The design elements visually reinforce the scare concept while providing easy understanding and navigation.

Mojo Donuts Business Card

3.5 x 2 inches

Undergoing a complete brand redesign, this business card is part of a stationary set. The company is an independent donut shop that sells a variety of unique and fun flavored donuts. The design has been made to convey a creative and friendly feeling. The rounded edges on the imagery and type takes inspiration from the donut and presents a welcoming tone. A die cut has been included for a unique look and the color palette signifies playfulness and sweets. This all ties together to deliver a fun and tasty concept to potential customers. 


10 x 12 inches

An original magazine that serves as the source for current events within the LGBTQ+ community. The transgender flag is used as inspiration for an article spread focused on a trans woman. The flag consists of line and a blue, pink, and white color palette. These details set a consistent theme. Line is also used as a dynamic element to help guide the eye through the layout. The images of Angelica showcase her womanly physique. This is enforced using type to highlight the shape of her body.