Nilla Gottlieb

Graphic Designer

Art was always my favorite subject in school growing up and has been something I’ve felt extremely passionate about my whole life. I was an undecided major when I first came to FAU, then it finally clicked that graphic design was the perfect choice for me. I could not be more excited to graduate this semester into a career that I absolutely love. I cannot wait to join the real world of design and continue to grow!

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City Beach Films Stationery

Standard Sizes

Stationery design created for the film production company City Beach Films. A dark grey and orange color are used in the logo, as well as throughout the stationery. The orange is placed on specific parts of information to help guide the viewer's eye.

Haut App


Haut is a mobile app designed to match users with the best makeup products and brands based on their personal preferences. Users answer a series of questions, which is then used to customize each category. Users are brought to a home screen where they can select from a variety of beauty categories. Once a category has been selected, users can toggle through the specific products and brands customized to their personal preferences. Users can select any of the products and brands to learn more, as well as view tutorials and tips on how to use them. The app utilizes a variety of images and icons to catch the viewers attention and keep them engaged. The light pink background and bright color palette add playfulness and capture the excitement of the beauty products. An easy to read typeface is also used to ensure that its users can navigate the app with ease. 

South Sun Magazine

10 x 12 inches

South Sun is a travel magazine that informs readers about the best and most popular places, events, and locations in South Florida. A calm, bright-colored image of a palm tree with a girl on a swing is used for the cover. The lightly colored background allows for the type to be easily read. A dark green color and bold text is used to create hierarchy and a dark brown color is used for the masthead. A slight gradient can be seen at the top right to give the effect of the sun shining onto it.