Lonee Telemaque

Graphic Designer

“Growing up, music and dance was the starting point of my creative journey. It was not until the day I picked up a paint brush, when I found my love for painting. The last few years that I spent at FAU really taught me how to grow as an artist and a designer and I’m excited to develop my creative skills even further. After I graduate, I plan to venture out into large-scale mural projects and motion design while traveling around the world!”

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Afrodesiac Hair Care

7 x 4 in, 5 x 2.5 in

Logo and label design for hair products that cater to natural curly hair. The peacock is used to represent the importance of looking good. The form of the feathers mimic the shape of hair curls.

Crank Book Trilogy

5.50 x 8.20 in, 9.10 x 10.40 in

A redesign of the young adult book series, Crank, Glass, and Fallout, by Ellen Hopkins. The book covers consist of image-driven designs that depict a less direct representation of what the stories are about from initial observations. Hallucination (or reflective) imagery is used on all three covers to portray a cohesive look across the series. This style of imagery guides the viewer's eyes across the cover and keeps them engaged and interested to know more about the story.

Design Space magazine

9 x 12 in

Design Space is an Interior Design magazine for homeowners and design enthusiasts. The magazine focuses on Florida interior design styles and trends. The green, blue and orange color palette are a reflection of the lead article which features interior designs inspired by warmth and texture from Miami’s environment and cultures. Geometric shapes are used to support the modern, minimalistic design of Miami interiors.