Kiana Mora

Graphic Designer

Hey, It looks like I have caught your interest! My name is Kiana Mora and I am currently a graduating graphic design student at FAU. While my interests involve design, I also keep myself occupied with many other hobbies. Recently, I have became in love with baking, so if my portfolio does not make the cut, maybe my apple pie will. I am also very adventurous, I love to travel and see new places. It is a dream of mine to visit Greece, as I am a sucker for Greek Mythology. Though, overall I am an eager student who is ready to step into the real world of design and solve its problems.

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Design-19 Magazine Cover

8 x 6 inches

Design-19 magazine cover designed to convey graphic designer subject matter. The cover uses interaction between type and image, while using color to guide the viewer. Strong graphic contrast attracts viewers to pick up the magazine. The dynamic placement of text encourages the eye to move around the entire cover.

Rosalia Fashion Boutique Logo

Size Variable

A logo design that combines both typography and shape to convey the brand’s style. The logotype is presented in a serif typeface to mimic the typographic symbol element used to replace the “O” in Rosalia. The symbol element is created from the letter “r” to represent Rosalia and to create an easily recognizable brand. The logo uses color to provide contrast within the elements of the logo and to complement the brand.

Lucia Cuba Lecture Series

24 x 36 inches

A collage poster that uses interaction between type and image to create an impactful visual. Various images of Lucia Cuba’s work, written descriptions, and colored shapes are used to create the image. Each image or text uses found relationships or connections based on the shapes and patterns. The layered vector text guides the eye around the collage. The colored shapes emphasize hierarchy. Overall, the dynamic collage represents Lucia Cuba, her work, and the lecture series.