Hailey Wright

Graphic Designer

I am a double major in Graphic Design and Marketing with a focus in Advertising. I found my love for art creating show posters for my high school drama program. In the last 4 years, I have learned so much and grew immensely as an artist. I went from doodling in the corner of my notebooks in grade school to creating real works of art!

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Vote Poster

24 x 36 inches

A poster used to bring awareness to the importance of voting. The colors and visuals emulate those of the United States flag. The poster creates an eye-catching image through strong hierarchy, a well organized layout and dynamic composition.

Clichés Game Packaging Design

10.125 x 10.12 x 2-3.5 inches

Inspired by the cards against humanities game, this card game takes everyday cliches and mixes them up. The illustrations and color palette were inspired by the cliche “a bee in your bonnet”. Layout is inspired by the card against humanities box sets and extension packs. It is made to fit perfectly in the collection. 

Guest Lecture - Studio Dad Flyer

9 x 12 inches

Flyer created for a guest lecture at Florida Atlantic University. Color palette and format was inspired by the lecturer "Studio Dad". Purpose of the poster is to catch the attention of the student body and inform them of who Studio Dad is and how to register for the lecture.