Daniela Bedoya

Graphic Designer

“I am a world traveler and a transplant from South America. I have been able to see different cultures and have seen different ways of life around the globe. Experiencing new viewpoints has impacted my life outlook and my approach as a creative person. As a graphic designer of class 2021, I acknowledge the changing world we live in. My creativity and the knowledge acquired in my years of study are opening new and exciting possibilities in my path.”

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8.5 x 11 inches

Paws is a magazine that gives a unique experience for dog lovers. This issue has different information about dogs; inside shows cooking recipes, prevention, information about small dogs, and common mistakes. Pastel colors were chosen for a spring vibe. Pictures are included to support the text to have a more dynamic look.



Yummy is an app design for people that love to eat out but have a hard time deciding where to go. The app can make decisions based on the user’s budget, location and preferences. The design of the app is modern and friendly. Improving the user experience through photography, typography, space, layout and color on the usability and the aesthetic appeal. With a minimal color scheme, to achieve more contrast. 


Size Variable

Mellow is a brand that communicates energy and modernism. The symbol is derived from the golden ratio. The use of the golden ratio helps create harmony with the proportions, which appeals to minimal and attractive brand identity. A sans serif type was chosen to evoke that feeling of modern look.