Carlos Charria

Graphic Designer

Graphic design and photography have been some of my passions ever since MySpace… so it’s been a few years to say the least! It has been an incredible journey getting to learn everything I know today and one of my greatest accomplishments is knowing how far I’ve come. I could not be more excited to graduate and step into the real world of design.

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BFA Graphic Design Invitation

4 x 6 inches

This was the invitation selected to promote this website showing our online exhibition. 1,500 copies were printed and handed out to people with the link to see all the students’ work. The website was also based on the invitation design.

Sneak Peek Magazine

10 x 12 inches flat

The sneaker industry is ever-changing and constantly offering enough innovation to keep a whole community on their toes. This magazine aims to uncover all the stories that often go untold about the most legendary sneakers as well as the ones flying under the radar, while giving you insight on the hottest of the moment. It sports a youthful, fresh and innovative look to keep readers engaged and entertained. The photography focuses on showcasing the epic features of the sneakers, while the typography maintains a modern, simplistic feel.

Goal Mate App


Goal Mate serves as a personal friend and assistant designed to keep users focused on current goals and set out new goals to accomplish on time. Consider it the best coach one could ask for who motivates in a stern but friendly way. Don’t think about slacking off or the app will deduct  Productivity Points. Users gain points as they achieve their goals.