Brittany West

Graphic Designer

As a kid I was always interested in art, whether it was comics or cartoons, to where I would try to make my own. But through design, I've learned how different the process is compared to an illustration or drawing of a character, and how learning these skills has really pushed me to think more about concept development and solutions to problems. After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design at FAU, I can't wait to work on projects that allow me to grow and hone these skills.

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Graphy Website

1280 x 720 pixels

Graphy is a website that allows users to visually track their spending habits. Users are able to find products using an online database to create categories for easy organization. Users can personalize their graphs using color, graph types, and additional information. Hovering over elements in the graph also shows an isolated preview of existing information.

Animated Quote

1280 x 720 pixels

This animated quote by Corita Kent is a part of an Instagram campaign to promote wellness and a positive work ethic. Using a bright pink background and white to highlight the most important words in the quote, this animation uses fluid transitions within a short time frame to emphasize the message to users.

Euphoria Desserts Stationery System and Logo

Standard Sizes

Euphoria Desserts is an independently owned online bakery and candy shop founded in 2010 to sell custom cookies, cookie cutters, and sweet treats. The use of loose calligraphy and the color pink give the logo a soft homemade tone. The fluid shapes within the stationary, and the pink and blue steam represent the fresh and flavorful creations cotton candy and decorated cookies.