Brianna Hernandez

Graphic Designer

In April of 2021 I will be graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. My interests in art started pretty early in my childhood. I was inspired by Disney movies and cartoons. It was fascinating for me, from the storyline, to the imaginative concepts of visual design. Expressing myself through color usage and imaginative fun concepts is a key role in my work. For me art is a visual representation of your imagination, so explore it and enjoy the process.

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Sweet Tooth App


The app is designed for users to locate and review nearby dessert shops. It also allows users to view deals with each dessert company and help locate where to buy bakeware items. The colors are fun and lively which compliments the desserts. Also, the logo is a frosted sugar cookie with a fun curvy text to display the joyful feeling when eating sweets.

Sabor Lima “Alfajores” Cookie Packaging

4 x 5 inches

The food company “Sabor Lima” sells authentic Peruvian food such as a traditional shortbread cookie filled with dulce de leche called, “alfajores.” The packaging design uses a charming bag style with lively colors to compliment the vibrant taste of the cookies. The scalloped edged flap pays tribute to the unique cookie shape. The Sabor Lima logo is inspired by Peru’s national animal the “Llama” and the ancestral background represented by the Incas worshiping the sun. 

Home Movie App


This is an affordable app, designed to help people view movies from their home or anywhere on the go with their phones. The colors chosen are a reference to 3D glasses associated with movies. The logo icon uses a couch to distinguish the uniqueness about the home viewing experience. This app is also designed to be user friendly with its simplistic navigation.